Reinhold Alexander Wittig

Reinhold Alexander Wittig with his first frog.

Reinhold Alexander Wittig is artist, designer, board game author, philosopher, and geologist. His unique sense for shapes, colors, designs, and practicality as well as his knowledge for all types of material like metal, stone and wood contribute to his exciting and uncommon “careers”.

While being a worldwide renowned designer and author of board games, his other passions are much more artistic: design pieces from recycled materials and string puppets, also made from all kinds of recycled material.

His art can be found worldwide, and especially in his hometown Goettingen, the streets tell the story of a man with too many ideas for a life time.

This website is dedicated to Reinhold Alexander Wittig, the designer of exceptional art pieces. Industrial shapes that request the observer to use some imagination. Beautiful pieces of recycled industrial left overs, all unique and of course hand made add the certain something to every loft. This is art for people who love and respect the extraordinary, no mainstream and certainly a statement.

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